What You Can Expect from R&S

We Find a Way

You do serious work with high stakes and even higher expectations.

 We respect that. 

Getting the best people and the right tools makes all the difference.

And downtime is your mortal enemy.

Your job is complicated and stressful, and you put in long hours and hard effort to serve your clients and community well. 

You need top-quality workmanship — people you can trust, parts you can depend on, and a better process for keeping things moving. 

And you never stop moving.

We understand.

And we’re focused on everything that matters to you — doing away with downtime. 

It’s our aim to never say no to your needs. 

More importantly, we have all the tools to provide the solutions you need — if you can break, we can make it. 

And we won’t rest until we’ve lived up to our reputation, all for the sake of building yours. 

It’s that simple. 

Maintenance Services

Maintenance is mission critical. It keeps lines open and production on target. Without it, you’re risking a catastrophe that will cost time and money you can’t waste. And hiring help on a piecemeal basis only adds to the chaos. 

We constructed maintenance services as the solution to these increasing and versatile demands: a dedicated team invested in your success and your stress reduction. 

Our maintenance services team is comprised of skilled craftsmen — resourceful, experienced, and reliable. They’re finicky in the best way, and there’s a solid chance you’ll start asking for them by name. 

We aim for flexibility and breadth of services that are nearly inexhaustible. These include the following common projects:

Catwalks, platforms, & handrails

(new replacement)

On-site fabrication

Production equipment installation

Packaging lines

Fabricate/erect small grain silo accessories

Roll-Off trucking

Sheet metal replacement

(buildings – nonstructural)

Sock/bag house replacement

(dust collection)

Pipe & boiler insulation

Ceiling tile replacement

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We aim to never say no to our clients.