People protect what they value the most.

We care deeply about serving well. So safety isn’t an afterthought or an imposition; it’s the foundation of any job done right, the first time. It’s the fabric of R&S culture. 

Our reputation is staked in transparency, excellence, and consistency. We’re nothing without them, and safety doesn’t exist in their absence.

To these aims, we:

Are OSHA 30 Accredited

Complete annual trainings, including confined spaces and aerial and forklift operation

Honor client safety guidelines while visiting and working in their facilities. Professional partnerships are always solidified by mutual respect and safety; we provide them both, without exception.

Employ AWS D1.1 certified welders

Proactively invest time and money in ongoing and new training to support our team members’ best efforts and continued expertise. Training isn’t a sunk cost; it’s an exercise in diligence, with exponential returns.

Safety is respect.
And you have ours.

If you have questions about our in-house safety practices or how we can serve your specific safety requirements, please contact us.